zondag 19 januari 2014

Let's go Urban!

We have been wanting to go out and shoot some pictures for a while now.Unfortunately the weather didn't agree with our plans.Still we can't really complain,it's mid January and around 5 C.Somewhere during this week,crossing from place to place on my bike,i spotted this cool green gate. I've passed this gate a million time,but never really noticed how awesome and grunge looking it was!And since it's not this far from our home,i took the boy's there for some Urban looking pictures.Hope you like it!

Julian wearing;Rebel shirt,John Rocha jacket,Jasper Conran Bodywarmer,Rebel trousers,River Island beanie and Timberland boots.
Maxim wearing;River Island T-shirt,Soho shirt,Vingino jeans,River Island beanie,WE scarf and Timberland boots.


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