zondag 10 november 2013

Fall is here!

We had to wait a few days for the rain to stop,so when it did we hurried down to the park and took a few shots in a Fall fashion kind of way. Of course i couldn't help myself and had to take a few "traditional" ones from the boys together.And apparently taking a picture of two young boys without any crazy faces,pressed lips and eyes closed is kinda impossible!But we had fun,and some of them turned out really cute.So mommy is happy :)

Thank you for looking!

Julian wearing: Scotch Shrunk coat,Zara denim shirt,Zara shirt,WE trousers,Vintage scarf,Timberland boots.
Maxim wearing: H&M body warmer,New Look shirt,Rebel jumper,Rebel trousers,Retour denim jacket,Timberland boots,Zara backpack.

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